The Brooklyn Writers Project writing group began in 2016. We meet weekly to provide constructive feedback and to develop our craft via peer-led sessions. From time to time we have space for new members.

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I've heard some pretty fascinating stories, mainly because I graduated from a law school with celebrity professors, partnered with celebrity lawyers and defended celebrity clients. As a trial lawyer for 35 years, I worked in courts from California to Washington, DC. to New York City. In 2016, I started writing a memoir called "How I Woke Up From The American Dream." I was working alone in coffee shops and at home, which can be lonely, so I joined a meetup group. My only goal was to find creative people who shared feedback and supported each other's work, but I got that and much more -- including friendships I will keep for the rest of my life; lessons that continuously sharpen my writing skills, and help with putting my book together from inception to publication to distribution.

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Posthumous protégé of Fitzgerald; lover of the semicolon; deep on the introvert spectrum ; organic intellectual, Brooklynite—St. Marks and Nostrand to be exact; student of 16 (Abe Lincoln that is); Aquarius—if that means anything to you; believer in God the Father—that means something to me; directionless—at the moment; essayist, for now. I am not a believer in many things—or people—but I do believe in my gift for words... and you, the reader. You may catch glimpses of yourself in my prose; this is what I call paper mirrors. Read on. Look on.

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Patty Bryant is a cafe-based writer who publishes in multiple genres under several different pen names. She has an M.A. in archaeology from New York University and, when she is not in the field, teaches archaeology for non-archaeologists at the Brooklyn Brainery. Her historical romance, A Deal with the Duke, is coming out July 2017. Sign up for her mailing list.






H.M. Epstein writes about parenting issues, politics and policy, physical and emotional healthcare. She is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) and the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ). She is currently working on a narrative non-fiction book about pediatric misdiagnosis. You can learn more on her website.



Max is a Brooklyn-based writer. He doesn't teach a Zumba class, so don't bother googling it. 



My background includes fiction writing, nonfiction writing, travel writing, and editing.

Published Work: The Convenience Store (Flash Fiction), The Story Shack



I'm an original Brooklynite, but now I live in Queens (turns face away in shame). I aspire to be president one day. My passions are boxing, reading, writing, organizing bookshelves in thrift-shops and offering unsolicited advice. I sing well when no-one's around, a crybaby when I watch movies and no doubt, an expert in boiling water.

Connect with me on my blog: Tribe of Writers





Marina Aris is the founder of the Brooklyn Writers Project and AVANTHAM, a creative inspiration e-zine. Her first book, Running into the Night will be published in 2017.